Vincent Gramoli


School of Computer Science
1, Cleveland St.,
NSW 2006 Sydney

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Vincent Gramoli is the Founder and CTO of Redbelly Network. He received a Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council and leads the Concurrent Systems Research Group at the University of Sydney. His expertise is in distributed computing and security. In the past, Gramoli has been affiliated with INRIA, Cornell, CSIRO and EPFL. He received his PhD from Université de Rennes and his Habilitation from UPMC Sorbonne University.

Vincent Gramoli publishes in distributed systems and security journals and conferences (IEEE S&P, TPDS, CACM, PPoPP, NDSS, EuroSys, DSN), he served as Program Committee (co-)Chair of international scientific conferences (NETYS’13, FAB’21, Tokenomics’21, OPODIS’21) and is regularly invited as a speaker. He co-published the Consistent Distributed Storage book. He recently acted as the Chair of the Cybersecurity Committe for the CORE ranking.

Blockchain Scalability book

His recent focus is on blockchain technology. With his lab, he found and reported several security flaws in Ethereum in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2021. As an alternative, they proposed the Redbelly Blockchain, a secure blockchain whose performance scales to world-wide deployments. He received the best educator of the year award from Blockchain Australia. With his co-authors, he received the best paper awards at ICDCS’21 and IPDPS’22 for their leaderless consensus algorithm and for making consensus algorithms accountable. His Blockchain Scalability MOOC on Coursera is taken by thousands of students and the companion textbook is published by Springer.